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Rice County Fair Board values health, approves tobacco-free policy

Starting on May 17, 2016, the sale and use of tobacco (in any form) and electronic cigarettes is prohibited at all times anywhere on Rice County fairgrounds property.

During the week of the Rice County Fair, tobacco use will be permitted ONLY in these places:

Thank you Rice County Fair Board!



Surveys Show That Fairgoers Want Tobacco-Free Fairs

During the summer of 2015, the Four Corners Partnership had displays at the county fairs in Dodge, Goodhue and Rice counties.  We asked visitors to complete a short survey.  All three surveys showed overwhelming support for tobacco-free fairs.  

We have summarized the results from each of these surveys.  Click on the links below:

Rice County Fair 2015 Survey

Click here to view Rice County Fair survey highlights


Goodhue County Fair 2015 Survey

Click here to view Goodhue County Fair survey highlights


Dodge County Fair 2015 Survey

Click here to view Dodge County Fair survey highlights













































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Tobacco-free parks and outdoor recreation areas send a clear message to youth that using tobacco is not a an acceptable behavior.

Link to CDC Youth and Tobacco Use Infographic


Secondhand tobacco smoke is a barrier that can prevent many members of our communities from enjoying outdoor public places:

  • Children
  • Elderly
  • Families
  • People with respiratory or other medical conditions

Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, including:

  • Hundreds of toxic chemicals
  • About 70 that can cause cancer
Click Here: Visit CDC website to learn more about Secondhand Smoke and how it harms the health of children and nonsmoking adults
The dangerous chemicals in secondhand tobacco smoke are the same – indoors or outdoors

When people smoke outdoors the smoke does not disappear into thin air.  Studies show that tobacco smoke can stay in the air near the ground and reach people who are nearby.

People in outdoor settings can be exposed to levels of secondhand tobacco smoke that are just as high as levels that have been measured indoors.

Our parks, outdoor recreation facilities and fairgrounds are public places that are meant to be places that the whole community can enjoy. Secondhand tobacco smoke can create a barrier that prevents members of the community, especially those with respiratory conditions like asthma, from using these public places.

Tobacco-free policies help change community norms   
Tobacco-free policies establish the community norm that tobacco use is not an acceptable behavior for young people.
Cigarette Butts are toxic waste

Cigarette butts are poisonous when ingested by children and other living organisms, as evidenced by poison control center data, veterinary literature, and national reports.

Tobacco-free policies in outdoor public places protect children from ingesting or playing with discarded cigarette butts, which contain highly concentrated levels of carcinogens.

Tobacco-free policies also help to protect the environment.  Cigarette butts leach toxic chemicals into the ground and waterways.

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Links to More Information

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