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Rice County
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Tobacco-Free Communities grant Annual Report

Share walls, NOT Smoke!  Working with area landlords to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke through smoke-free policies.

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Secondhand Smoke.



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FREE "Lunch and Learn " Workshop for Landlords

Have lunch on us and get your questions answered by our expert guest speakers:

  • Kara Skahen, director, Live Smoke Free program
  • Darlene Huang, staff attorney, Public Health Law Center

At this FREE one-hour workshop you will learn:

  • How a smoke-free policy will improve your bottom line
  • How to implement a successful, effective smoke-free policy

Thursday September 8

Rice County Government Services Building, Faribault

Food catered by Depot Bar and Grill

Workshop and Lunch are FREE!  Registration required!

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New Infographic from the CDC about why it is so imprtant for every multi-unit building to have a smoke-free policy.

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When one person smokes, everyone in the building smokes.

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Why are smoke-free policies good for business?

Watch this short video:

Making the Business Case for Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing



5 Benefits for Property Managers and Owners of Smoke-Free Buildings

Here are five important reasons why making your buildings smoke free is a smart business decision:

  1. Reduce your cleaning and turnover costs by 200-300%.
  2. Lower the risk of fire damage and death - you may also receive a reduced fire insurance rate.
  3. Renters want a smoke-free building!  Research shows many renters are willing to pay more or drive farther to live in a smoke-free building.
  4. Smoke-free policies are legal and can even reduce your legal risk.
  5. All of your staff, tenants and guests benefit from a cleaner, healthier environment.


Free Resources for Landlords from the Four Corners Partnership

We can help you save money and have happier tenants by making the change to a smoke-free building. The Four Corners Partnership is here to assist you.

Free resources available through the Four Corners Partnership:

  • Consultations and presentations to apartment managers and staff.
  • Legal resources and information for landlords about smoke-free policies.
  • Sample survey to send to tenants to gauge community interest.  We can help you conduct the survey.
  • Model smoke-free lease addendum to incorporate into your current lease.
  • Advice on how to make the transition (phase-ins, grandfathering, etc.).
  • Presentations to tenants tailored to meet your needs.
  • Secondhand smoke information.
  • Summaries of research about air movement and ventilation in apartment buildings.
  • Help with implementing your smoke free policy.
  • Sample announcement letters to send to tenants.
  • Assistance with advertising or promoting your smoke free building.
  • Free signs and window clings.
  • Quit-smoking resources for your tenants.


Smoke Free Multi-Unit Housing FAQ

What is multi-unit housing?

Multi-unit housing refers to any building that contains more than one living unit, where the living units are rented or owned by separate households. Some examples include: apartment buildings, houses that have been divided up into two or more apartments, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, townhomes and condominiums.

Does MN law prohibit smoking in apartment buildings?

Under our state law, the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act (MCIAA), smoking is prohibited in the indoor common areas (rental offices, entrances, hallways, laundry rooms, party rooms, exercise rooms, etc.) of rental apartment buildings with three or more rented living units.

Note: Multi-unit ownership buildings (condominiums, co-ops, etc.) are NOT regulated by the MCIAA.

Does MN law permit smoking inside rented living units in apartment buildings and townhomes?

Yes, the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act, permits smoking inside a resident’s rented living unit. There is no requirement that smokers keep doors to hallways closed. However, the MCIAA also gives the owner or manager of a multi-unit rental building the authority to enact a 100% smoke free policy for the entire building, including all of the rented living units.

Are there any restrictions on smoking outdoors?

The Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act does NOT prohibit smoking outdoors, regardless of the distance from doors and windows. Owners or managers have the authority to establish policies for outdoor smoking on their property. Some of the provisions that may be included in outdoor smoking policies include: prohibiting smoking on patios or balconies, requiring that smokers stay a set distance away from doors and windows, establishing a designated outdoor smoking area, or prohibiting smoking anywhere on the property.


Four Corners Partnership Awarded Grant from MN Department of Health

The Four Corners Partnership is expanding its work to reduce the harm tobacco causes. This is thanks to a new grant from the Minnesota Department of Health Tobacco Free Communities program. The goal of the grant is to increase smoke-free multi-unit housing in our four-county area.


Links to More Information

Live Smoke Free Packed with smoke free housing information and resources for Minnesota landlords and tenants.

Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act Freedom to Breathe in Rental Apartment Buildings (fact sheet)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke (fact sheet)



Four Corners Partnership smoke-free housing work is supported by a Tobacco-Free Communities Grant from the Minnesota Department of Health.