Q: Why do the tobacco companies spend nearly

$1 million an hour in the U.S. on marketing?

A: Because it gets results.  It makes it hard for existing smokers to quit and hooks a new generation.


Q: Where do the tobacco companies spend over 90% of their marketing dollars?

A: In retail stores.





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Tobacco's Lethal Lure
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Retail Tobacco Advertising Influences Youth

The tobacco industry is driven to find new customers. Too many of their adult customers die or succeed in quitting! 

The tobacco industry exploits evey loophole to market to youth, while loudly denying that they do so.

The retail store is the venue where tobacco advertising and our kids connect on a regular basis.

Cigarettes, M&M's and doughnuts - Our kids get the message!


Did you know?

  • Tobacco ads in retail stores give youth the impression that smoking is a normal and popular activity in their community.
  • Studies show - the more tobacco ads kids see, the more likely they are to smoke.
  • Tobacco advertising targets the psychological needs of adolescents, such as popularity, peer acceptance and positive self-image.
  • Tobacco companies spend over $150 million a year in Minnesota on marketing to hook new smokers.
  • Most of this money is spent on advertising and promotions in retail stores.

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Tobacco Marketing Works - Just ask your kids!


The Four Corners Partnership is working to educate the public and tobacco retailers about the impact that tobacco advertising in retail stores has on the youth in our communities.

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Tobacco Marketing, Advertising and Promotions at the Point of Sale

Why are youth more heavily influenced by in-store advertising?  This is a brief summary of the issues and research with a bibliography of sources.


State-Specific Tobacco Company Marketing Expenditures 1998 to 2008

How much do the tobacco companies spend on advertising in Minnesota?   The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has put the data from the Federal Trade Commission into an easy to read table.

Tobacco Marketing that Reaches Kids: Point-of-Purchase Advertising and Promotions

This fact sheet from the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids summarizes some of the key facts and scientific research that has been published about the influence that tobacco marketing in retail stores has youth.

FDA Consumer Fact Sheet - Protecting Children

Explains the link between tobacco product advertisements and promotions and adolescent tobacco use.  Summarizes action the FDA is taking to protect children.


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